Car Star

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CARSTAR has a long and established Canadian history in the repair industry, tracing back nearly four decades.

In 1992, we began franchising with the vision of building a nationwide network of high quality auto body repair centres aimed at providing consistent service and integrity across all locations.

During this time, a company from Kansas City called CARSTAR, with an effective system for national expansion, was emerging as an industry leader. Sam Mercanti saw an opportunity. He jumped at it and negotiations began.

In December of 1994, the Canadian rights for CARSTAR were awarded to Mercanti and his team. This was a new era in the Canadian collision repair industry.

CARSTAR has since evolved and developed a nationwide network of high quality collision repair centres. And the vision the company had back in 1992 became a reality.

CARSTAR strives to be the leader in the industry through a managed network of best-in-class collision and glass centres that operate with ethics, standards and consistency at their core. CARSTAR provides an unparalleled customer experience, cost containment and improved turnaround time. We forge highly collaborative, strategic partnerships with key industry stakeholders and our employees are proud to be a part of CARSTAR and are committed to the company's vision, mission and values.